Step 1 – Referral

Your physician has referred you to our clinic for evaluation and treatment of your cancer diagnosis.

Our oncology team, which makes up of Board-Certified Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Physicist, Radiation Therapists and Patient Care Coordinators, will work very closely with your physician to help you through this journey.

Below you will find our treatment procedures. We highly encourage you to take some time to read it as many patients found themselves being less anxious and worried from familiarizing the process prior to receiving treatment.

Step 2 – Consultation

Your first visit to our center will be your consultation appointment. One of our Patient Care Coordinators will gather pertinent history from you before you meet with our Radiation Oncologist.

During the consultation, our physicians will evaluate if you are a candidate for radiation therapy. The specific type of radiation therapy will be determined by different factors, such as the type of cancer, state of disease, your physical condition and other treatments you have received. Our physicians will discuss this information with you in more detail.

If you are a candidate radiation therapy, our staff will request authroization for treatment from your insurance company. Please note that it can take up to 10 working days to get a response from your insurance company.

Once the authorization is approved, our staff will contact you immediately.

Step 3 – Treatment Setup

The first step in the treatment process begins with a CT scan. Our staff will schedule a CT scan appointment for you at a nearby imaging center. If necessary, we may order other imaging studies such as PET/CT or MRI scan.

Step 4 – Treatment Planning

Once your imaging results are ready, our Radiation Oncologist and Physicist will plan your treatment with our advanced Varian Eclipse planning computer system. The location of the tumor and the surrounding organs will be taken into consideration when the treatment course is designed.
After the planning is completed, our Radiation Therapist will schedule simulation session(s). The simulation is used to verify the treatment fields and treatment plan. It is very important to double check the plan before the treatment starts. During simulation, x-rays are taken on the Linear Accelerator to provide a picture of the tumor site which helps ensure that proper dose of radiation is delivered to the target.

Step 5 – Treatment Delivery

After our Radiation Oncologist has approved your simulation films, your first treatment appointment will be scheduled. Our Radiation Therapist will give you a specific daily appointment time, and your therapy will be administered Monday thru Friday. With the state-of-the-art IGRT technology, we are able to locate the targeted tumor everyday prior to treatment. Any changes in tumor size, shape or position are taken into consideration to enhance treatment precision. Typically, each treatment takes only a few minutes, and you won’t feel anything during the process.

Step 6 – Side Effects Management

Side effects are problems that can happen as a result of treatment. They may happen with radiation therapy because the radiation used to kill cancer cells can also damage healthy cells in the treatment area. Side effects are different for each person. Some people have many side effects; others have hardly any. Side effects may be more severe if you also receive chemotherapy before, during, or after your radiation therapy.

You will be seen once a week by our physician so they can evaluate your progress from the treatment. Our team will watch you closely during the course of your treatment. Please let us know anytime if you are experiencing any side effects or noticing any problems. If needed, our physician will prescribe medications and/or suggest ways to help manage side effects.